About Us

We are Simon Steer & Alexander Yates owners of Your Local Logs and our sister company Inside Out Buildings

We own and manage ancient woodlands on The Blackdown Hills
Located on the Devon and Somerset border. In 2007, as part of a regeneration project of these woodlands, left untouched for many years, we began licensed felling of Ash, Oak, Beech and Hazel hardwood trees.  We produced as a by product of the felling of the hardwood trees, vast quantities of hardwood logs for wood fuel which we used for ourselves, and offered for sale locally. The response to the selling of these logs was staggering, quality firewood at an affordable price seemed to be in short supply.

We both use seasoned firewood to fuel our woodburners and open fires and Rayburn, and know the importance of using dry logs as a fuel source, and decided to offer our firewood logs for sale throughout the local area, believing that we can offer a quality log product at an affordable price.

Sourced locally

Because of demand, we have sourced locally felled and certified wood, meaning all our wood can be traced to where it has been felled, and knowing it has come from managed forests or woodlands, ensuring long term firewood supplies and protecting the environment from un licensed felling.

We have two yards where we store our wood, one yard in Somerset and one in Devon. The wood is air dried in lengths, and then cut to size to produced seasoned logs.

Our belief

Our counties have enough native trees to satisfy the domestic demand for quality seasoned hardwood and softwood logs, and that by buying your firewood from local sources not only supports the local businesses of forestry, felling, transportation to name a few, but also supports the need for a carbon neutral fuel.

Your Local Logs was founded on the principles of supplying seasoned logs to the local community at a realistic price, creating local employment & supporting local businesses, please help your local fuel producer by sourcing your logs locally.

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