Why should I use you?

We offer firewood delivery at a competitive price. We offer a reliable service with free local delivery. We have contracts with the local authority, and as such have been vetted to be honest and reliable. Our wood fuels are sourced locally, felled legally, and are low mileage carbon neutral logs. What does seasoned wood really mean? Seasoned wood should be ready to burn firewood. Ideally the moisture content should be less than 25%. The exception to this rule is Ash hardwood which can be burnt green, i.e. un-seasoned, but by seasoning Ash you will get a better heat from the log. How is the wood seasoned? We season our wood by allowing it to air dry over a period of 12 months to 2 years. All wood is different, depending on type, size and drying conditions. We moisture test our wood, and we aim to deliver wood that is internally less than 25% moisture content.


Why should I use seasoned wood?

Unseasoned wood is very difficult to burn, if it burns at all. You will need a high heat at all times, and as a result burn more wood. Unseasoned wood will damage your chimney, smell acrid and unpleasant, and can result in chimney fires. For more info see our technical data What types of wood can you supply? We supply hardwoods, Ash, Oak, Beech and Hazel, all native woodland trees. We also supply softwood, Cedar and Larch which are forest grown in Somerset specifically for wood fuel and timber products.


What should I burn?

Wood burning is a very personal choice; we sell similar amounts of both hardwood logs and softwood logs. We do offer mixed loads of hardwood and softwood, and if you are new to wood burning, this may be a suitable option for you to see how you get on with the different woods. If you have only ever previously burnt one type of wood, and wish to try another variety, we will bring you some free samples with your order for you to try.


How should I store my logs?

Logs are best stored in a purpose built log store, allowing the logs to breath. All logs, kiln dried or air dried will have a moisture content, and stored in an area that has no airflow will cause them to sweat. It also allows for the occasion when we deliver in wet weather, when the surface of the log may be wet, to air and dry off. If you store your logs outside with no protection you should try to store them for at least 24hrs in a dry place before burning.


What size logs do you supply?

Any size! We hold large stocks of 8” 10” and 12” lengths. These are available for delivery at short notice. Any other size will be cut from seasoned trunk wood, so may not be available for immediate delivery. How quickly can you deliver? We can normally deliver within 48hrs of ordering, and if you have run out of logs, sometimes sooner. We try to be as flexible as we can and deliver at a time to suit you.


Do you stack the logs?

We don’t offer this as a service, but if for any reason you are unable to move the logs yourself, or would like some help, please discuss this at the time you order your logs, we may be able to assist. Can you deliver if I am not at home? If we have delivered to you before, then in most cases this will be possible. We would always like to have someone present on our first delivery as we have to be sure you are happy with your logs & we like to meet our new customers.


How do you want to be paid?

You will be given an invoice with payment details. Our preferred method is by telephone or online banking. Cheques and cash are also acceptable. If you wish to pay by pay pal or credit card this can be arranged, but will incur a small fee.


Is there anything else I need to know?

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions. We have our technical page, which may assist, but please don’t feel that you can’t pick up the phone and ring us or email us; we are here to help!

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