Kiln Dried Logs supplied to Devon and Somerset

Kiln Dried Firewood Logs
If you need kiln dried logs, we are able to supply kiln dried hardwood logs and kiln dried softwood logs.
Our kilns are powered by bio mass boilers, utilising the by-products from our timber yard. This is something we have researched to ensure that our firewood logs remain a carbon neutral fuel, sourced from local certified woodlands and forests, and dried here at our yard using an energy efficient method.
The moisture content of our kiln dried firewood logs will aim to be within 10-15% moisture content, and undergo testing throughout the kilning process.
The energy from  logs becomes higher the drier the logs become. Our kiln dried logs will burn hotter, and faster than our seasoned logs, so appliances will need to be able to control the burn rate to maximise the efficiency of kiln dried logs.
Our  kiln dried logs are sold by the cubic metre, which is a loose fill load measuring 1m x1m x1m
  • Hardwood kiln dried logs cubic metre – £120
  • Softwood kiln dried logs cubic metre – £85
Hardwood kiln dried logs
  • four cubic metres    – £460
  • three cubic metres – £350
Softwood kiln dried logs
  • four cubic metres – £320
  • three cubic metres   – £245
  • Free local delivery (10 mile radius Wellington & Dunkeswell)
  • Delivery by tipping trailer or tipping flat bed truck
  • BAC’s, telephone or on line banking
  • Cheque or Cash
  • Credit/Debit  card by contacting Yard 01404 891404
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