Seasoned Firewood Logs Devon

We are one of  the premier suppliers of seasoned firewood logs in Devon. Our wood yard is based in Dunkeswell Devon,  (find us here) where we store at any one time over 1000 tonnes of timber, seasoning and drying for our 2014/15/16 Devon firewood log supplies. Dry logs Devon Our principles are founded on the basis that our firewood should be a carbon neutral fuel, and that by sourcing all of our timber supplies locally, that not only do we bring you an ethically sound product, but in turn, we are supporting local employment and putting wealth back into the local economy.dry firewood devon

Our logs are processed from our air dried seasoned stock, stock that has sometimes taken up to three years to season fully. We aim to deliver firewood logs with a moisture content of between 20-25%

We are also able to offer Kiln dried firewood logs should you require a lesser moisture content. Our kilns are fueled by bio-mass boilers, utilising the by product from our timber yard, again in keeping with our principles of providing a carbon neutral fuel.kiln dried firewood logs devon


Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote on all your wood fuels needs or woodburning advice. CONTACT HERE

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