Devon Logs & Somerset Logs

We supply Devon and Somerset with ready to burn seasoned hardwood logs & seasoned softwood logs, kindling. Quality timber sheds, summerhouses and more can be found here, from our sister company Inside Out Buildings
Our firewood logs are suitable for:

  • Open Fires
  • Wood burners
  • Multifuel burners
  • Rayburns
  • Biomass log boilers

Our logs are split in standard lengths of 8/10/12 inches, which we hold in stock for immediate delivery. Any size can be catered for, but we may need a little extra time to allow for processing from our seasoned lengths of timber.

We sell nets of logs, and by the cubic metre volume, which is a loose fill cube measuring 1mX1mX1m, or to visualise, slightly larger than a builders dumpy bag which holds .82 of a cubic metre


  • Hardwood cubic metre – £95
  • Softwood cubic metre – £80


  • Hardwood
    three cubic metres –  £275
    four cubic metres    – £360
  • Softwood
    three cubic metres – £200
    four cubic metres   – £260


  • Hardwood 8” logs – £6.00
  • Softwood 8” logs ­ – £4.50


  • Approx 6 kilos – £5.00


  • Free local delivery (10 mile radius Wellington)
  • Delivery by tipping trailer or tipping flat bed truck


  • BAC’s, telephone or on line banking
  • Cheque or Cash
  • Debit/Credit card at time of order


  •  Yard 01404 891404
  • Mobile 07894 510133
    email –


Please expect to receive seasoned ready to burn firewood, there may be some surface moisture if it is raining, as this is unaviodable during loading/unloading on rainy days, this will quickly dry if you store your logs under cover.


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