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Terms and Conditions

All products purchased from Your Local Log Company are covered by our agreement, which we ask you to read carefully

Making a wood store, log basket or axe purchase.

Our wood stores are made to order, and we would anticipate delivery times to be no less than 5 working days.

Log Baskets are in stock and ready for delivery.

A limited range of axes and splitting mauls are available for delivery, special delivery items will take 6-8 weeks to order.

Payment of goods

Payment for wood/logs, log baskets and stock Axe, wood splitting mauls product will be at time of delivery or collection.

Log stores and special order items will require a deposit at time of order.

Online banking, telephone banking, cheque or cash accepted.

If this method of payment is not suitable, please speak to us as other methods can be offered.

Your Local Log Company will hold no financial information regarding your purchase.

If the payment to the Your Local Log Company is refused under any circumstances Your Local Log Company will not be liable for non delivery or delay of your order.

We will endeavour in all circumstances to speak with you to ensure your order is delivered without delay.

Returns Policy

We hope that you are happy with your purchase from us, but understand that sometimes there can be problems.

We would like to hear from you in the first instance and try and to resolve any issues to a mutual understanding.

We would expect any problems to be brought to our attention in a timely manner, to help us resolve them as quickly as possible. We value our customers, and would like to feel that we can maintain a good customer relationship. If we cannot resolve your issues by offering an alternative, we will offer a refund upon receipt of the original goods sold.

All new goods supplied will only be offered a full refund if they are returned in their original unused condition.

Privacy Policy

A and S Woodland Mgt retain your contact information for the purpose of processing your order, and informing you of offers and updates to our business. We will not disclose your details to any third parties.

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